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WEEK 1 SUNDAY (2018 Nick)

Students were a bit sparse today, but that’s pretty standard on Sundays. We spent some time nailing down what we wanted to prototype and then actually did some prototyping.

Christian led a meeting where we discussed pros and cons of a few different lift designs, including the double reverse four bar, a standard cascade lift, scissor lifts, and a shooter. We decided against the scissor lift straight out for being flimsy, weak, and slow, and ended up deciding to prototype a cascade lift and a double reverse four bar. We got into the weeds of discussing chassis size for a bit.

John brought up that it was possible to extend farther on the platform than on the field, and noted that a strategy for this could be making ramps that other robots drive onto, which we then winch up to above the twelve inches. This got some muted interest, but was shelved for a bit later in build.

I started leading a few on building an intake prototype, while Christian got onto the double reverse four bar.

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